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MegaWise Vacuum Sealer

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing happens when the power cord is plugged into appliance.
Make sure the power cord is not damaged and correctly plugged into the electrical outlet and appliance.
The unit is plugged in but cannot vacuum.
Ensure the lid is accurately closed and the opening end of the bag is correctly installed into the vacuum chamber. Check if the bag is punctured and if the foam sealing gasket is deformed or cracked.
The bag was vacuumed, but the air re-entered.
A. Check if there is a hole or puncture on the bag. It may be punctured by sharp objects. Use a new bag if necessary.
B. Check the sealing seam. Any wrinkle along the sealing seam may cause air re-entering. If yes, simply cut the sealed edge and re-seal.
C. If there is moisture or liquid at the opening end, cut the bag and wipe it away. Then choose MOIST FOOD setting and reseal.
D. If the food has been stored for a long period of time and the bag is full of gases, it may spoil and it is suggested to discard the food.
How to ensure a perfect vacuum and seal?
The machine has a pressure switch which will turn off the vacuuming process and start the sealing process. So in order to get a perfect vacuum&seal, we need to make sure the bag's open end is all in the vacuum chamber and the vacuum chamber is locked and air tight. If the vacuum chamber gasket is in disformation or the lock is not tight either on the left of the right side, the machine may not vacuuming well. So please check on the locking and the gasket. Sometimes, when the machine has been overworked, the plastic body of the machine may also change shape because of heat, in this case please contact support. Our newer version(2022 Sept.) has an redesigned structure to minimize many of these issues.
It seems to have a good vacuum and seal, but there seems to be a lot of air in the bag as time goes.
In this case, the seal is not 100% and there is mini channels that the air could still come in. It may happen more often with moist products. To avoid this, please add another seal to your bag to have double seal protection preventing the air from getting in.
It keeps vacuuming but no heating or sealing.
In this case, the machine's gasket or lock is not airtight and it fails to have enough vacuum pressure to trigger the heating element. Check the gasket and lock and try to vacuum and seal with both hands pushing the lid to help get a better air-tight seal. If still does not work, please contact our support team.
How to vacuum and seal moist/wet products?
1. Try to drip and remove the visible water on the product.
2. Make sure the upper side of the bag is dry, especially the part of the bag which will be clamped by the heating element and silicon strip.
3. Contact support if you still need help.
It started burning holes in the bags I was trying to seal and the rubber strip over the heating element to seal the bag is gone it melted.
This happens to an older version of this product. Contact support if this happens. Our updated version of the product should minimize this issue.
All lights are flashing.
When overheating protection is triggered, all lights will be flashing. Please allow the machine approximately 15 minutes to cool down.
Unit keeps sucking and then stopped without sealing.
Please remove the gasket and put it back on the opposite side and try again with your hands pressing the lid to help the vacuum chamber to be air tightened.
Are other brands of vacuum bags usable with the unit?
Yes, but we don't recommend to use as it might not give you a perfect vacuum and seal. The MegaWise Vacuum Sealer works best with it MegaWise Vacuum Sealing Bags.
Are the MegaWise vacuum bags reusable?
Yes, but we don't recommend to reuse the bags as it may influence the taste.
Where to buy the MegaWise Vacuum Sealing Stips?

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