MegaWise Smart Air Purifier

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Smart Sensor

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Does it come with a filter?

Yes, the air purifier comes with a filter.
Please open the bottom cover before the first use, take out the filter in the machine, and remove the plastic packaging of the filter.

Does it run continuous in auto mode or only at preset hours on timer?

I have two Megawise units in my house. I keep them both on auto mode. Yes on auto mode they will run continuously. They run on the low setting, when the sensor detects air quality is getting bad they turn up the fan speed automatically and slow the fan speed down if the sensors detect good quality air. We can set the timers if you wish, this will keep the fan from running continuously. I love my units. I'm a smoker and every time I light a cigarette the machines sense it and automatically turn on within seconds. At first I thought it had a camera built in. lol

Work with echo dot?

No, it's not "smart" in that it works with smart home devices. Smart just means that it has an air quality sensing feature.

How do I turn the light off on the filter? Other then by turning on sleep mode I mean

Sleep mode only