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Influencer Review | Megawise Projector

Mini LCD Projector, A Closer Look And Actual Testing

Dave | Amazon Influencer


Welcome to It’s The Dave Show, and I am Dave, I do product reviews today, and had this mini-LCD projector. This here is by Megawise and that's the L21 projector, now they did send me this product for review, but all the opinions here are mine, and they have no say on all I say about this, but let's take a look and see what this looks like and what comes with it.  

So, you get the projector, a power cable with which I do have plugged in already, a manual, remote control. Now they don't come with batteries, but I put them in here myself; they are AAA's, you need 2 AAA batteries that go right into there. So that's pretty simple and easy to do and you get some cables to you get the RCA kind of jack cables for different things. Plug-ins such as video games or DVD players, things like that, and you also get an HDMI cable which I have plugged into my computer. Yeah, I'm going to show you because I'm going to give some life examples of this, but it's a pretty simple little system up here. You've got some controls here, power buttons, and you can control all kinds of features to this. A lot of different settings in it, this right here is a VGA connector so you can see that and here you've got so you can see that the USB's. There's two USB cables, there's two HDMI cables and audiovisual or AVN out or in this case, and then microphone or speakers. This is a headset, but you can plug in speakers any kind of situation that the connectors that go in there or speakers on this does have built in speakers, and now we're gonna listen to those in just a minute and we'll see how those go, and you also get this little screw thing here. This raises up the projector from sitting straight on the ground. If you need to tip it up a little bit.  

They also have another screw connector that you can mount this on, things you can mount this up overhead upside down if you want to mount overhead versus sitting on a table and that's pretty much it for you know that there's the lens, there's the focus ring and also this gives you a little tipping the screen kind of thing there, but let's go ahead and move this up and show you see what it really looks like. Now my wall is like a green color, so it's not a plain white, it's not a screen, so it's not gonna look as good as perfect as if you had a plain white projector screen or a white flat wall, just to let you know this. Projects in 1080, which is pretty good up to 1080 or less, let's turn down the lights and we're gonna take a look and see what this looks like.  

Okay, now there is some adjustments we could do like I said the dials. You can tip it depending on if you're tipped a little bit on your access. Here you can do that, the other ring was a focus ring. You can see maybe it's getting do it in and out of focus there, and in the menu settings, there's a lot of different things you can do here, picture modes, sharpness or coloring, things like that. OK, I hope you were able to see that. I wanted to try to give you a representation of what it looks like, and it's pretty nice, it's pretty clear.  

 Again, the screen is not ideal because it's a colored wall and it’s texture. Let's talk a little bit about the machine, and what I think of it. There is a fan in it to keep it cool 'cause it seems to get hot to high end projector. You know, the bold and lightness can get pretty hot, so there is a fan to us, so there is some fan noise it's not super quiet, but it's not too bad. The built-in speakers they're okay if you're just watching TV or doing something like that's not a big deal. But if you wanna watch a movie, like if you're doing a big super sound quality movie, you're definitely gonna want to plug in your speaker system to this to get that good movie. But you can also, shut this out and use the speakers from your computer or whatever it is you have hooked up to, so there's a lot of ways you can activate good quality speakers and just use this for the video part of it, but just a standalone kind of thing. It's kind of cool, you know, and then you can also use this for meetings you can. But you know, shoot your screen, if you're doing PowerPoint, you're doing things like that, so it's not just for movies and videos. You can do PowerPoint, you can do all kinds of stuff from this hooked up to your computer, as long as it has either USB or HDMI or the other cables. These little cables here you can plug in just about anything to this and have a project. Up on a wall or a large screen so I know it's a lot. There's a lot to a lot of information, so I do appreciate if you've watched this far down in the video, but if you're looking for a nice little projector, this one may be the right one for you. 

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