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Customer Question and Answer for MegaWise TENS unit

Yes the pads are reusable & a lot of pads comes with it in 3 different sizes and it is great!! So easy to manage.
By Crystal Faulkner on January 1, 2021
The wires hook up to the pads.
By jr sexton on December 5, 2020
The portable lanyard is a rope, can go through the two small holes on the top of the TENS DEVICE. Then you can carry them everywhere, can be hung on your hand or other places.
you can purchase pads on Amazon. Just buy the correct type of connector - snap button. Here is the Link:
Or Purchase on MegaWise Website:Buy Now
The 1/4 electric wire has 2 blue connectors and 2 white connectors so that when you use them on a part of your body like a knee, you use a X pattern so that the stimulation is across the knee. You do not want the 2 blues right across from each other you want a diagonal pattern. I like to look on Pinterest for placement of the pads. Hope this helps. You can also get online and chat with Megawise for help.
This unit is very effective I had a bad accident i came off a horse going 40 mph at the racetrack and it has been a long road to recovery but this unit took me the rest of the way i cant recommend it enough
By Danny G on December 3, 2020
Yes this is very effective. I got it just in time because I hurt my back again after receiving it. It’s been so useful. I’ve used it almost everyday so far since delivery. It’s a nice way to relax
By Kayla Manning on November 24, 2020
It can be very effective. If you have used one before and it helped, this one will as well.
By K_Holz on November 23, 2020
It works great for my lower back pain. I use it when I have to stand along time. It is not a permanent fix but it has reduced the amount of OTC pain relievers I have had to take.
By Chris Rabkin on November 23, 2020
Love mine, make a huge difference.
By Ron Dolat Sr. on November 23, 2020
Yes, I have been using it for about 3 weeks, it relief my Frozen shoulder.
By Meier on November 23, 2020
No, You can use any other USB wall plug that you already have such as your phones.
By Keith B on December 3, 2020
Question: Do you have electrode wires for sale?Id like one with 4 connections
Answer: As of now we do not have an available electrode wire, but we will help to find one on Amazon or delivery from China.