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Influencer Review | Megawise Smart Air Purifier

How to Operate the Megawise Smart Air Purifier

5280 Adventures/Tonyfrangella | Amazon Influencer

Let's do a quick operations review of MegaWise Air Purifier.

Now before you set up your air purifier make sure that you turn it over, unscrew the bottom and pull out the air filter inside, the air filter will have a plastic wrap on it. Put it back inside, replace it and you're ready to turn it on; when you turn it on, the system will do a systems check.

It will turn green, yellow, and then red, and then pulled into standby mode to operate the air purifier, you can press the button in the middle, which is your power button. You can control the fan with four different modes, you have an auto, you have night which shuts off all the lights and runs it at a low speed.

There's low speed and finally high speed, there's also a lock button, to lock it from any children, turning it on or off. You do have a timer as well; it's a 1-hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours timer, where all automatically shut off.

Turn off the air purifier. Simply press the middle button again. The MegaWise air Purifier is a compact yet effective air purifier for your entire room.

This air purifier works very well and I would highly recommend for you.

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