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Influencer Review | Megawise Hair Straightener Brush

Megawise Hair Straightener Brush featured on Amazon Live


"Ladies, this is a hair straightener, not a dryer. Its by Megawise and oh my god is it a god send.
This heats up and actually it's like a hairbrush but straightens your hair.
Like I'm trying to straighten my hair and I wanna keep it nice and straight, It warms up really really fast and look how nice and straight it does your hair with a few brushes.
This is so cool! I love this brush! I use this all the time.
And specially if you have like a quick touch up that you wanna do too, it heats right up.
I have it on a 320 cause my hair is a little bit finer so I don't want it to burn, but it has the on and off.
So easy to use especially with touch ups! You know sometimes I get this little waves on my hair during the day, I just turn this baby on and you're good to go. It is just so cute!
I have not seen a hairbrush that's a hair straightener like this ever. So I don't like to use the scrimping ones, that you know like flat iron, this is better. This brush is it.
Look just how straight my hair got just by brushing it here, you know what I'm saying like it just so easy to use, everything, no cramps, I just love it!"


-Sarah Russo | Amazon Influencer

April 20, 2022 Amazon Live Stream Feature: