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Influencer Review | Megawise 1500A Jump Starter

The Megawise Jump Starter is the Real Deal!
Pastorskinner | Amazon Influencer

The Megawise Jump Starter is legit men, is legit, it's powerful and it's gonna get the job done.

So, I just got the Megawise Jump Starter and no charge for the purpose of this review and right out of the box you got a nice hard case...jumper cables, charging cables, jump starter. And this thing is really cool, I want to show the feature on here, the power button right there, and it shows you got full power now, when I got this in, it was on 3 dots and it so, I've head-on charge for a couple of hours, I just simply stuck this into the in-out charge slot and then into the USB wall charger and it's also got DC input right there, and then if you hold the power button, you've also got the flashlight on it, push that once and flashes and then if you hold it, there will go out, you've also got your USB charge ports in here, where you can charge your phone..uhhhmmm or other devices that you might have in the car, now that blue right there, is a quick charge which is super handy for your cellphones and things of that nature, just like in any other USB cable you can have those...ahh you can have it as a battery charger.

They claim that this will jump-start a car, I want to show you here (car audio) nothing ... nothing. To use your jumper clamps that come in, the case, you open this little door right here and this only plug in one way, you can see that one is rounded and one is only it goes in one way... like so. Now it's got a big LCD screen on it, we will start jumping this and will see how long it will take.

I do not have the cables on right now, I'm gonna crank this over just so that you can see, I've got a completely flat dead battery that will not start the car (car engine (dead battery) audio in the background) So now, I'm gonna take this cable... negative one first...positive, we are showing 11.5 volts right now, on that (car battery start audio) I tell you when I got Megawise Jump Starter, I was pretty skeptical, and when I figured...I figured that I have set this on the battery and you know leave it for the extended period of time but that's not the case... I mean it's just right away... it right's pump in those Amps get your car to turn over and fires, so the Megawise Jump Starter is legit men, is legit men.

So, the Megawise Jump Starter is not just gonna be good for the this is gonna be good to use on the camper battery so that I'll l gonna release... raise and lower my electric jack, it'll gonna be good for the boat...boat battery and the motorcycle battery, moped pad battery... whatever battery has gone dead you can use this jumper cable to bring life back into that battery... the Megawise Jump Starter, it’s small, it's compact, it's powerful and it's gonna get the job done.

Megawise 1500A Jumpstarter: