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Quality projector-Review for L21 Projector

This projector has good quality- I have used it to put Fallout 4 on my wall and a few tv shows so far. For my shows, the color quality at standard settings is great and things look perfectly normal to me.( pictures for reference) Feels like being in a theater.

Fallout required some tweaking of the settings in brightness/color/contrast but was great to play with such a huge display. (included 1 fallout pic in darkness and one with a bit of light coming into the room with the cat) Assassins Creed Odyssey was harder to get looking perfectly normal, but that game is insanely detailed and colorful and my wall is a bit more textured than I would like to use for this, to begin with. Still very cool and will probably be better once I have a screen. I've included images projected onto a non-flat surface as well.

Also worth noting that nothing plugs in the back, so it could be projected on the ceiling. And it has a nice little filter on the side to keep it from letting debris into the cooling fan. Has a bit of sound from the fan when it's on, but it's hardly noticable, especially if you're not sitting right next to the projector. Seems solidly built, but also comes with a warranty.

Easy to hook up, comes with cords to do so. If you want to have a very spread out configuration, you will need longer cords. The power cord is an okay size, but as I had to spread out to keep my cats from knocking things down, I had to swap the hdmi and the power cord to spread across my room. If you're doing simple things like projecting something from a thumbdrive or something, an extension cord should suffice. To get it to focus correctly, the projector must be head-on with the projection surface. Keep this in mind when thinking of where you'd plug it in.

The sound from the actual projector is fine, but sounds a little boxed. Not that it matters since I use my bluetooth speaker through the aux anyway, which makes for a pretty awesome combo.

Overall I really am very happy with this product. I love using a projector now and sometimes I'll project movies on the bathroom wall while I take a bath for a relaxing time. Totally worth having and I actually haven't used my TV since setting it up.

by Jasmine Andrade

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