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Customer Review | Megawise Juicer

Make Juicing Great Again!

Perry | Amazon Customer


Alright guys, today real quick. I'm just going to show you how to use the Megawise juicer. Just got off Amazon a little while ago.

Let's go. Let me show you the parts real quick.

We got the drum. This house is the Auger and also the sieve. We got the Hopper that goes on top, the little shoving tool. I'm not sure what the proper time for that is. And then the end cap, of course, where the pulp comes out.

There are two different sizes. You can either use this one for Juice, this one for pulp, or the other way around, vice versa or whatever. There's the main unit. We got the off switch. We got a soft switch that's mostly used controls the Auger speed.

Low RPMs for soft stuff like, let's say, grapes, tomatoes. We get the hard speed as well. The auger speeds up higher Rpm. That's for hard vegetables and fruits. We got apples here.

That's a good example of hard. We also got celery. And then the reverse function as well. In case something is jammed, you can just reverse that and get that out of there. So before we start, let me just show you real quick.

We got the drum right here and then right at the end, you'll see a little Oring what you do is you'll take the auger, put it right down in here and make sure it goes and snug through that oring, next we got the sieve. It just goes right in here and there's no interlocking, nothing. It just fits real tight. Afterwards, take the end cap.

You'll see these little notches right here? Just match them right up here and slide it into locks. And then the tricky part coming up. Now you'll see this little button for releasing. Make sure you fit it in and you do it.

Keep twisting until quick. There you go. Now you're secure, you're ready to juice.

And before I might add, like I mentioned it earlier, but always make sure you don't want to plug things in before you get started. Decreases your chances of injuring yourself.

So let's plug it in right now. You'll hear a little beep indicating that the power is on. You'll see, there are little Led lights behind the buttons here. They are quite faint, so don't rely on those to see in the dark, just juice responsibly.

Now let's set things up real quick.

Juice will be coming out of the bottom of the drum right here. Pulp will be coming out of this end cap portion. And we'll put the Hopper right on there. Not really necessary, but you know what? Things splash up during the juice and process. We get a little wild up in here.

So here we go. Today, I got some celery, I got some cut up apples. You can leave the skin on. That's what the hard function is for.

Celery. Just make sure you trim them, wash them, just stays on junk afterwards. We got some papaya as well that has already been diced and skin desk already.

And here we go. Let's start with the papaya.

So I do see here, I got it on the soft setting. You can just drop it right in there. It'll do a thing.

Now, I did mention earlier I did just get this from Amazon. So I just wanted to give you guys another quick tip that when you do buy new products, Especially items relating to food processing and what not always make sure you wash them before your first use. Most of the time, yes, they do get QA inspected, but this is straight from the factory, right off the they have been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere. So it's always good to wash it beforehand.

Remember, you are going to be ingesting this stuff. Look at me, Butterfingers.

There's no need to take it slow. It's just for the sake of the video. I'm just taking my time here.

So as you can see, it is removing the juice, extracting it and the pulp is coming out of the end cap here.

Now papaya is pretty much all gone. Let's move on to the hard items. Just wash my hand here real quick.

All right, so first let's switch it to hard. Let's put in some apples. Now, this one you may have a little difficulty with and you'll probably need to use the little plunger shovel here. But don't force it. What you want is it to just push it down ever so slightly will take a little bit of time.

You got to remember the internals of the machine are plastic.

It is a metal prop shaft. But the auger. All right, now that's the last of the papaya, celery and apple that I've cut up here. We're just giving it a few seconds to make sure we got all of the material out of there before I shut it off. There we go.

So as you can see, we have the pulp from the papaya, the apple and the celery. Keep in mind the skin was on the apple. Of course, you could take the extra minute or two to peel the skin off of the apple if you want a I would imagine cleaner process here. We got the juice. There are a bit of bubbles on there, but that's a part of the process from juicing.

Here we go. Got my no sponsorship by Guinness here. But I got my favorite Guinness glass. Let's pour this sucker in.

It may not look pretty, But hey, it's the vitamins. It's all about the vitamins.

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